An Open Letter To An Ex Best Friend

I’ve spent so much time hating you for the things you did and said to me the last time we spoke. It’s awful, I know. We both said some things that we regret. But you were the one person I thought I would have in my life forever, and then you were gone. I want you to know I’ve let go of most of that anger. Sometimes I almost want to pick up the phone and just tell you this, but what would be the point? Our relationship is ruined, I know you probably wouldn’t thank me for the phone call. And that’s okay.

People move on, it’s true when they say some friends aren’t put in our lives to stay. I hope you think about the fun times we had together sometimes. Remember when we would lie awake at night for hours and just talk? How we could finish each other’s sentences? Do you remember that time you made me piss my pants because I laughed so hard? What about the times that I stood up for you? Protected you as if you were my kid or something. It’s funny now, thinking of how close we were back then, we’re like strangers now.

I still have the book that everybody signed when we left senior school, you know. And the shirt. You signed the shirt with ‘But I’ll see you, OBVIOUSLY’, because you truly thought you would. Every now and then, when I come across the book when I’m cleaning, or find it shoved to the back of a drawer, I flip it open and think about all the happy times we all had, you were present for all of it. You wrote about how we’d always be best friends, no matter what – and your kids would be calling me Auntie, I wasn’t getting away that easily! And look at us now.

Sometimes I wonder if you kept all of my secrets, I kept yours. I wonder if your family ask about me, and what you tell them. Good things, I hope.

As sad as it is that I can’t send you a text message, or check up on you, or rant to you about my day like I used to, I value the good times we had together. I hope you reach the goals you set yourself, and I hope you’re happy with your life. I hope you look back on our friendship and laugh, I hope it brings you some joy. Most of all, I hope it taught you a lesson, as it did me.


Your Ex Best Friend.

10 Things I Hate About You, Myself and Everybody Else

Please see the list below outlining 10 things that are ridiculously irritating, courtesy of yours truly. Okay now brace yourselves, here we go!

  1. When people ignore my texts – so infuriating. Who do you think you are? Surely, at some point in your day, you can find 5 seconds to respond!
  2. When people fail to see things my way – I’m right. I’m always right. I really am… okay. Maybe not. But still. How irritating.
  3. When people can’t see through a person’s façade when I know that they’re actually an utter bitch. Why you no show your demon side to everyone so we can get this over with? Hate to have to say ‘I told ya so’, people.
  4. Do not make me choose what we’re going to do for the day. Pictures, food, I don’t care – as long as I’m not picking it. I can’t, I am SO indecisive.
  5. When people are utterly incapable of spelling due to laziness (I know, I’m an asshole).
  6. When people fail to use the correct tense with ‘where’, ‘were’, and ‘we’re’ and ‘there’, ‘their’, and ‘they’re’ – sorry, I can’t help my grammatical freakishness.
  7. How my jaw clicks when I eat – probably need to get that checked out.
  8. People who are overly sensitive – come on, they let the entire world impose upon their lives. Give it a rest, son.
  9. People who are insensitive – equally as annoying.
  10. How my skin breaks out at unexpected, unacceptable moments in time. Is it really necessary to appear on my face right now, zit? – Who am I kidding, no time is a good time.

Really, I could go on. Maybe I’ll make this a regular occurrence. Whew.

Have a lovely, irritant-free day!

The Feminism Quirk

The human race has successfully – if a little scratched up – made it to 2016, and yet some have still yet to wrap their heads around the notion of Feminism.

Feminism is not the dirty word that you tell your child to avoid. Despite many things that you might’ve heard, it is not the practice of hating men, hating authority and simply growing your armpit hair. That is not what defines a Feminist by nature. Not all Feminists grow their pubic hair, and not all Feminists hate men. We need to eradicate this ridiculous notion that Feminists come in cookie-cutter format and are out to do some kind of disservice to the rest of the human race, dangly-thing between the legs and otherwise. For me, Feminism is the movement that attempts to give both women and men the equal rights that they are entitled to and I can’t for the life of me figure out why some people believe this could possibly be a bad thing.


I’m all for free speech and different perspective and opinion, but I can’t help wanting to shake all the middle class, middle minded, middle aged ideals out of the minds of people in this world and help them wake up and smell the proverbial coffee. We’re not in the midst of the Medieval period any more, and why should we act like it? Women have got things to offer and say – why shouldn’t they be able to express this in the manner they would if they had been born a member of the opposite sex?

As a woman I still find it bizarre that people look to me with some form of shock when I open my mouth and begin to talk about my opinion of the British government and my concerns about the Middle East. The reason they’re so shocked is because they simply cannot believe someone who is interested in makeup – typically, and wrongly branded as a ‘girly thing’ – and the like could possibly understand the inner workings of political mind set – oh no, you must pick one or the other. We can have no crossing over of the makeup connoisseur and ideas about anything else of any other nature! This for me is proof that some people are far too focused and concerned with the fact that I am a girl, and not what I have to say about anything meaningful – and make no mistake, this is not just limited to the mind set of men, but other women too.

This brings me onto the issue of girl-on-girl hate and women who consider themselves ‘Anti-Feminist’, i.e the aforementioned ‘quirk’ of Feminism.

Each time we bash another woman’s life choices: who she goes out with, who her friends are, who she chooses to engage in sexual acts with, every time we brand her a ‘slut’ a ‘whore’, we make it okay for other people to do so. We make it ‘normal’ to see women in this way, like we have some control over the choices she makes.

Each time a woman proclaims to all that she is an ‘Anti-Feminist’, she makes a statement that suggests she undermines the work done by influential equality figures and the progress we as a gender have made so far in reaching the equal rights that we do have. I often wonder if those women against Feminism could look their daughter in the eyes and explain to them that they can’t become a Police Officer, a Doctor, or a Politician. That they are resigned to a life of baby-making and home-making and that this is all they can ever hope to do in life. By no means am I suggesting that having children and becoming a home-maker is somehow lesser than any other kind of career, but what I am certainly suggesting is that the choice to do this should lie with the woman committing to do so. Although I am only the grand old age of 19 and do not have any children of my own, I know that as a society, we usually tell our children that they can be whatever they want to be – do whatever they want to do.

But hang on, only if you’re a boy… Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?


Thoughts At An Ungodly Hour

It is 20 past 4 in the morning and I am currently lying in bed wondering how it is possible that I have not succumbed to the land of nod and all its temptations yet.

Don’t you find that your mind just comes alive at night and puts the brakes on that good nights sleep? I can literally  hear the birds tweeting outside my window.

It’s funny, I always think that our most valuable ‘thinking time’ is done in these late hours, because you have a moment to truly be alone with your thoughts. Now this may well be a terrifying prospect for those of us who like to hurry on through life hardly ever looking up from our jobs, studies, paperwork, to take in the scenery.

That said, I’m the kind of person who gets carried away within their own thoughts all too often and I’d probably – sorry, definitely – offer up the admission that I’m a very worrisome, doubtful person at times. Although I prefer to think of myself as something of an optimist, it can’t be helped that there is that ridiculous, irritating voice that sometimes resounds in the back of our minds alerting us to the bleak realities if something happens to go wrong and imposes upon our lives.

Well, I tend to give it – or try to – the metaphorical middle finger, and banish those niggling thoughts out of my mind. And you can, too.

Seriously, I think our problem is that it takes us some time to arrive at the realisation that things can and do, go wrong. There’s nothing that you can do to change it. Let fate take the wheel every now and then and just know that things are going to work out for the best.

Now, believe me, I’m not suggesting that you fail to revise for that test you have next week, hoping by some divine intervention that you achieve that A grade as predicted. Unfortunately at least some groundwork has to be put into our future plans and prospects.

However, what I’m really trying to get at here is that human nature tends to bring with it a need for some kind of control over our own lives, but we have to loosen that grip a little and allow life to just happen. Nothing goes exactly to plan (to my dismay) but I am beginning to understand that those unexpected and oftentimes difficult moments, lead to the best things and we just have to hold the door open for them!

And breathe. Lights out.


The Blogging Conundrum

So, okay. Has anybody ever told you how hard it is to write your first blog post?

Believe me, I’ve tried previously and it’s just as if everything that usually does – and possibly could – come to your mind disappears and leaves you staring at the blank page for over an hour. Funny how that happens…

BUT, never fear. The daily musings master has arrived to inject some muddled information slash writings slash anything-that-comes-to-mind into your life. That is, if anybody is actually reading this (insert self-reassurance here ha ha).

The way I see it, not too much of an introduction is really needed, because I’m sure you’re going to find out all you need to know in the posts to come. Can anybody say drum roll?